HPB Virtual Journal Club Number 4, June 2013

“Mucinous cystic (MCN) or intraductal papillary mucinous (IPMN) neoplasms of the pancreas and bile duct”

Patients presenting with either MCN or IPMN of the pancreas have become a common scenario for most HPB surgeons. The investigation, diagnosis and management remain topical issues in this ever changing field. More recently a similar entity within the bile duct has been recognized. A selection of the best articles published in HPB on these topics over the last year are included for your review. These recently published HPB articles together with an expert procedure video provide your Journal Club the content to meet these Learning Objectives:

  • Understand enucleation is a viable alternative to standard resection for side branch IPMN of the pancreas.
  • Understand the risk of future disease in the pancreatic remnant in those patients who have undergone segmental resection for IPMN of the pancreas.
  • Understand that a selective approach to resection of asymptomatic cystic lesions of the pancreas can be safely adopted.
  • Understand the differences in molecular profiling and pathological features between IPMN of the bile duct as compared to the pancreas.
  • Update your knowledge with regard to clinical presentation and radiological findings and management of biliary mucinous cystic neoplasms and understand how they differ from biliary and pancreatic IPMN.