HPB Virtual Journal Club Number 7, April 2014

“Management of Gallstones”

Welcome to another virtual journal club from HPB.
This quarter we wish to highlight recent publications in HPB addressing the management of gallstones. The learning objectives are as follows:

  • Understand risk factors such that may signal a difficult cholecystectomy may lie ahead.
  • Understand the management options and likely outcomes associated with management synchronous of Choledocholithiasis and acute cholecystectomy.
  • Consider how best to approach patient with cirrhosis and symptomatic gallstones.
  • Consider how the critical view should be safely established and whether the use of a checklist or photo documentation may improve successful achievement of the critical view.
  • Consider the indications and likely outcomes when using percutaneous cholecystostomy.
  • To understand decision making associated with management of Mirizzi’s syndrome.