Conference Calendar

        HPB would welcome notification of Association approved and national chapter meetings for inclusion in the Calendar of Events. Please contact the Editorial Office on [email protected]


        AHPBA 2023 Annual Meeting, Miami, USA
        March 9–12, 2023
        15th Biennial Congress of the E-AHPBA, Lyon, France
        June 6–9, 2023
        9th A-PHPBA 2023 Bangalore Congress, Bangalore, India
        September 27–30, 2023


        16th IHPBA World Congress, Cape Town, South Africa
        May 15–18, 2024


        16th Biennial Congress of the E-AHPBA, Dublin, Ireland
        June 2–5, 2025
        10th A-PHPBA Bangkok Congress, Bangkok, Thailand
        October 28–31, 2025


        17th IHPBA World Congress, Singapore
        October 26–31, 2026